Concrete is the world’s most used construction material. It is everywhere and in large quantities. Concrete is also often described in uninspiring terms such as industrial, grey and drab. For these reasons, it is not often associated with smaller, crafty DIY projects. However, concrete can be used to make some beautiful pieces that will give your home a modern, unique edge.

Make Your Own Concrete Vase

Concrete vases are relatively easy to make and look great in almost any room of any house. Not only do they look good, they are cheap to make. All you need is a plastic or glass bottle and a bag of concrete mix. You can make a whole set with a single bag of concrete mix.

Concrete Candleholders

Another attractive, low-cost option to give your home a fresh look are concrete candle holders. You can use leftover concrete from your vases project or any concrete mix you have lying around in the garage. Simply fill the bottom of empty plastic bottles with cement, wait around 20 hours, then remove the plastic. Experiment with patterned bottles for different effects.

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